Types Of Horses

The world is home of an undefinable number of different types of horse and different horse breeds. Horses have been domesticated by humans for over 5,000 years and have been used as work horses, form of transport, weapons of war and more recently recreationally, these different uses of horses have created some very different distinct horse types, we took time out from  repelling flies to look at some of our favourite horse types.



Arabian  ( Pictured )
Arab horses are well known for there speed and stamina, in the 17th- and 18th-century 3 Arab stallions were imported to the UK, these three stallions became the foundation stallions for all thoroughbred race horses all around the world. Arab thoroughbred horses are rarely used in horse racing today but dominate long distance endurance riding and can cope with very hot climates.

Classic draft horses that come from the Alpine region. Haflingers are often smaller than offer draft horses.

A horse breed that is used primarily for horse racing, in the USA this is mainly on the Flat but throughout Europe thoroughbred racing is popular both on the flat and over fences.

Dartmoor Pony
A hardy pony breed from the moor lands of South West England, Dartmoor ponies are used as children riding ponies as well as being a popular choice for driving.

Warmblood Horses

Warmblood Horses ( Pictured )
Warmblood horses dominate the equestrian sports of showjumping and dressage and are also very popular in eventing, warmblood horses have been produced by the breeding of thoroughbred horses with that of draft horses, creating a horse that is often more trainable than the hotter blooded thoroughbred, but has more blood to aid in performance compared to the colder blooded draft horses. There are a number of warmblood horses breeds and studbooks the include the German breeds of Hannovarians, Westphalian, Holsteiner, Oldenburg and Holsteiner. France have the selle francais, French warmblood while Belgium warmbloods are registered with the BWP studbook and Dutch warmbloods come under the KWPN.

Lipizzaner : The beautiful white horses (gray horses) are the world-famous horses of the Spanish Riding School. The Lipizzans are originally from Slovenia and were bred originally as war horses, the movement carried out in the Spanish Riding School descends from the movements and training from the military training.

Shetland Pony : These animals used to work in underground mines because of their great strength and small size. Today, they are popular among children as a first pony.

Akhal Teke Horses : As one of the oldest horse breeds in the world that can be traced back over 3,000 years, the Akhal-Teke is still excellently suited to long distance riding, the Akhal Teke Horses originate from the Karakum Desert in Turkmenistan so are well suited to a water-poor climate. Akhal Teke Horses are popular choices for long distance endurance riding.

Clydesdale Horses : One of the bigger heavy horse breeds Clydesdale Horses are well known for there strength and were a important work horses, The Clydesdale breed originate`s from Scotland near the Clydesdale river. In 2013 Budweiser featured a number of Clydesdale horses in there commercials creating an iconic visual, these horses were stabled at the Budweiser brewery and became a popular visitor attraction.