Recreational Walking For Campers

Walking For Campers

Walking can justifiably lay claim to the title of purist and most ancient mode of travel, in the hectic, modern and fast pace of life in which we live we often hanker for a means of escape, a chance to slow down and take stock, an opportunity to gather ones thoughts and soak up the details of our immediate surroundings. When we elect to walk it can free our minds of some of the clutter that can cloud our judgment and make way for our imagination and free thought, many a concept has been conceived whilst walking. Walking the ultimate form of slow travel allows us to be in touch with our immediate surroundings whilst heightening our perception and providing a healthier and more revitalizing travel experience.

Another appealing factor to walking is the fact that its free and you don’t have to travel very far to find interesting routs to walk, it can start literally the moment you set foot out of your front door. Walking is probably one of the easiest pastimes to get involved with as most of us do it every day, it doesn’t require any specialist skills either. Walking will go a long way to keeping you healthy, even half an hour of brisk walking everyday will help control personal weight gain, help prevent heart disease and improve your mental well being as well as being the most sustainable means of transport.

There are many different styles and activities within the broad range that is walking, such as hill walking, coastal walking, fell walking, rambling, hiking, trekking, long distance walking and race walking, whatever aspect of walking appeals to you most, starting out is simple.

First Steps

As with any physical activity it is generally understood and accepted practice to start off gently and gradually build your way up to a more ambitious level of exertion over a period of time, don’t push yourself to hard to start with, you will soon know how far you can walk without getting tired, remember you are supposed to enjoy the walking experience. It makes good sense to begin walking on safe and familiar terrain such as your local park or even begin with a stroll around a local housing estate until you are confident that you can tackle longer and more difficult walks. To begin with stay to level paths in populated areas so that help is at hand if you get into trouble and take a mobile phone with you just in case. If you begin to feel tired cut your walk short and try again another day.

Cross Country Walking

Once you have ascertained your personal level of fitness and ability, you may want to get started on some serious cross country walking,

Before engaging in cross country walking of any great distance it is worth considering any health conditions that may be exacerbated by heavy or prolonged physical exertion, if you suffer from any of the conditions listed below or any of the personal circumstances apply to you, we advise that you consult your GP for advice beforehand, (this list is not exhaustive).

. Heart Disease

. High Blood Pressure

. Asthma

. Diabetes

. Sedentary for more than twelve months

. Pregnant

. You do not currently exercise and are over the age of 65 years.

. You often feel faint and suffer with dizzy spells.

. You have chest pain especially when exerting yourself.

Whatever your reasons for walking, be it for health reasons or simply for the love of the countryside or both, there are few greater pleasures in life than the experience of the great outdoors and with over 130,000 miles of public footpaths in the UK alone, there is no reason why any two walks should ever follow the same direction across the same path twice.

Campers Fly Off

Pack The Right Stuff

Whether your walking alone or in a group, you should always be prepared for changing weather conditions, below are some tips and suggestions on what to take with you when walking in the countryside.


Your choice of clothing can make the difference between a pleasurable experience or one you would rather forget. On all occasions your clothing should be comfortable, with ample room for movement and offer the correct level of protection for the prevailing weather conditions.

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