Bed bugs were not common in the UK until the 1930s and since then, the problem has grown. In 2017, The Sun published an article saying that “The number of bed bugs have tripled in the last 5 years”. A factor of this is because over time, bed bugs have become resistant to many pesticides that we try to use to eradicate them.


Bed bugs can live up to a year in perfect conditions, they aren’t known to spread diseases, but they can be irritating and hard to get rid of once they are there, they are around the size of an apple seed, they hid in small crevices in beds, head boards, mattresses, covers and anything around a bed. Bed bug bites are usually painless to start with and then over time, these turn into itchy welts. These can be caused on any part of exposed skin.


Bed bugs can enter your home from hitching a ride off of used furniture, luggage, bags or any other items that are placed on soft material surfaces. They can also travel between rooms easily. These are lured into homes by warmth, blood and carbon dioxide. They don’t like a dirty environment, but clutter and mess make good hiding spots.


FLY-OFF is a product that will come in use to deter these pests, carrying them around in our bags to stop them hitching a lift or using our handy carry clip to hang on the outside will help not only keep these away but other bugs and pests like flies and mosquitoes. You can always hang these clips to your bed or bedside table, so it creates a barrier to keep them at bay.