How Do I Keep Flies Away From My Campsite?

How Do I Keep Flies Away From My Campsite

As we are heading into the summer many of us love getting away to the countryside and have a bit of time camping with friends and family. The big problem is as we get the lovely sunny weather we also get the flies that come with it, annoying us at our campsite.

Fly Off is a revolutionary new product that offers your campsite 24/7 protection from flies keeping them away so you can enjoy yourself without getting pestered from the many different species of flies.

The innovative two table solution lasts for up to 2 weeks keeping you protected throughout your camping trip away. Unlike many fly repellent sprays, Fly Off tablets are waterproof, long lasting and if strategically placed will give you maximum defence against flies and other insect pests.

Camping Tips

 Camping Packing Tips

Camping packing can be overwhelming. Especially if your family's new at camping. You make a campsite reservation drawn by the romance of cool evenings around the campfire gazing at the stars….and now, yikes, what do you pack? What you bring, or not bring, could make or break your first camping experience.

1. First thing you need is a camping checklist.
 Don't try to keep it all sorted in your brain. You'll break your head. If you can, keep a digital file of your camping list, so you can tweak it to your family's unique needs year after year, so you're not starting from scratch every year.

2. Prioritise. Don't bring everything plus the kitchen sink. Be versatile, be clever, do you really need a spatula and a stirring paddle? Choose simple recipes to spare you from having to pack measuring cups, mixing bowls, special equipment. 

3. Pack by categories – kitchen stuff together, fun stuff together. Roll up your pajamas with your sleeping bag – no more poking through all your stuff just to crash on your pad. By the way, at the end of your camping trip, pack your stuff back into the same grouping so you are pre-packed for your next camping trip.