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Horses experience many of the similar problems as we do, for example bruise and scrapes, but other than these, they face many problems that are more intricate too. For example—foot swelling, urine-trenched tail, wounds, bug bites, sting nettles and much more. In the olden times, experienced equestrians had their own-patented techniques to take care of their horses in their stables. Nowadays the equestrians have adapted these traditional home remedies. Below are some of them.

Home Remedies for your Horse

  1. Vinegar- The horse owners are generally sick of the yellow, urine sopping tail on their pretty white horse. Not all the pricey bluing shampoo available removes the stains completely. Vinegar is the best home remedy for horse facing this problem. Drench the tail in white plain vinegar for just 5 minutes, prior to washing and taming it normally. You will notice some bubbles there, which are actually cutting down the stains of urine, resulting in the nice white tail. Vinegar is very good for the hair, and contributes to a sparkly, better tail! Using vinegar weekly may help to avert urine from being too entrenched on the tail.
    Vinegar is not only good for the hairs but also very helpful for the horses having stones in their intestines (enteroliths). A cup of Vinegar Apple Cider mixed in the food twice a day helps reducing the pH level, and reduce the stone formation.
    Vinegar is a natural insect repellant. Vinegar when added in food or sprayed directly on the horse acts as a wonderful natural insect repellent.

2.  WD-40- The wonderful rust-buster has a glut of horse related uses. When sprayed into the mane or tail, WD-40 works as a great detangle, and works far better than most expensive products available in the market. A little bit of WD-40 when sprayed directly into tangled areas makes brushing very easy through the tangles. Be careful using WD-40 before riding- it is a bit slippery so the reins may slip off your hands.

3. Clorox Bleach- One of the most importunate hoof associated problems known to horse owners is Thrush. There are several products available in the market to conflict thrush, but they are very expensive.  Old-time equestrians generally recommend bleach as a good home remedy for horse owners to combat thrush. When bleach is dispensed into a spray bottle and sprayed a thin coat of it to a clean, selected hoof once every day for several days it helps in eradicating thrush quickly. Application of bleach weekly helps to prevent other problems also. Beware bleach’s contact to the horse’s skin may cause sting and burn.

4. Sugar- There are several creams, salves, and sprays that are easily obtainable and helpful to combat horse wounds, and everybody has their own preferred product. For obstinate, infected wounds, natural white sugar application on the wound may help to fight infection, and fast healing. The sugar is effective in changing the pH of the wound, formulating an unfriendly environment for bacteria, which helps to clear out necrotic tissue and help in healing wounds. Thus, sugar acts as a great home remedy for horses.

5. Diapers- Foot swelling is a frustrating problem, which often needs days and weeks of vigilant treatment, along with bandaging as it heals to keep the foot clean. Instead of squandering money on dressing material such as the elastikon and vet wrap, wrap a kid’s diaper to the base of the foot with the duct tape. The diaper will keep medications and poultices in place stay for long time than regular bandage material, and the additional padding will help the foot be more at ease as it heals.